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61 Town Sedan Water Pump
« on: January 01, 2019, 12:55:26 PM »
Happy New Year
 Guys a few months ago my water pump letís go in my 61 Town Sedan Short Deck my question is where can I pick up another one and should I try to buy another original or something more updated ??
thanks for any help you can provide

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Re: 61 Town Sedan Water Pump
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61townsedan, if you still have the original motor?!

I completely rebuilt my engine this year, used the Flying Dutchmen, look online, rebuilt my original water pump,  everything in it brand new, 8 vain impeller, moves more fluid, shipping to/and back to me and rebuild, I think I was into it for around $185.00, drove my car round trip 3500 miles for the Grand Nationals in Texas this year 2018, went through 4 states in the summer heat and my car is a factory a/c car no over heating issues what so ever, and I drive my car on a daily basis!!

Don't know if you are keeping it original or what, you can find water pumps on Ebay all day long,  but look at price?!? the above mentioned does quality work/and stands behind it! Hard to find these days. Just my 2 cents


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Re: 61 Town Sedan Water Pump
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Hi Joe, Thank you very much for that nice reply I will absolutely look into that company !!

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Re: 61 Town Sedan Water Pump
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2019, 04:05:37 PM »
The ONLY one I use for re-built water pumps is The Flying Dutchman. Have been for years.

Tom T.

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Re: 61 Town Sedan Water Pump
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I strongly recommend getting yours rebuilt.  The "new" supposedly "heavy duty" ones on eBay are junk.  For one thing, instead of having two different pumps, one for a/c cars and one for non-a/c (different shaft lengths for the pulleys, the pump shaft tries to split the difference, meaning that the pulleys won't line up) leads to increased vibration and belt wear, and eventually failure.  I put one of these on my '60 (same pump as '61), and it lasted about a year and a half of low-intensity driving.  Fortunately I had saved the original pump and was able to get it rebuilt. 
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