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54 Fleetwood parts
« on: January 27, 2019, 06:02:07 PM »
I went to see someone local about what he thought was a 54 wiper arm. Unfortunately, it was not. But he did have quite a cache of 54 Fleetwood trim parts that I took off his hands. I  dont think theres anything here I need at the moment, so I figured Id see if someone here could use any of it.

All 4 upper window reveal moldings are in very nice shape.

The curved bumpout rocker moldings are rough but restorable. Those are hard to find.

A brand new transmission filter.

11 of the 16 hashes. I've been looking for spares of these for years.

Door handles and door hardware for all 4 doors.

Passenger side taillight assembly, really nice.

The Fleetwood trunk script is impossible to find. The "F" and "leetwood" have all the pins intact.

Various instrument cluster parts, including a gas gauge, temp gauge, ignition cylinder (no key) and the dash portion of a cigarette lighter.

A wonderbar radio that he said worked when it was taken out but I have no way to benchtest it.

I'm not putting prices on anything. If you need something, we can discuss that. Itll be minimal for members here.

I also have had for a while, not pictured here, a pair of valve covers, 7 or 8 '54 hubcaps, a nice steering wheel with the horn ring and an intake manifold.
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Re: 54 Fleetwood parts
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More pics
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Re: 54 Fleetwood parts
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HI Robert,

Call me,  There are some parts I would like.  For my 55 Eldorado restoration, I need a pit-less vent crank handles and inside door pull handles.

My temp gauge is rusted solid, but has a perfect face.  So the fuel and temp gauges I would like.  Is the needle on the temp gauge?  I can't tell from the photos.

My cell is 248 770 6931

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