Author Topic: 1962 Cadillac Right Fender and Upper Bumper brackets needed!! - Pics attached  (Read 143 times)

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Had a blow out on right front tire going 70 on the freeway and it did some decent damage. I need the following brackets.....

Front Fender Inner Fender Bracket - L-shaped bracket at the top of the wheel well inside the fender that helps keep the fender tight to the body.

Right Upper bumper bracket - The bracket the attaches the bumper to the body. It is right below the right front cornering light on the right upper bumper piece.

Please let me know if you can help!

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that sucks
good reminder for everyone to check the dates on their tires and for dry rot

i have no parts for you but can you not beat the brackets back into submission? maybe a little cut /weld if needed ?
i have straightened some pretty mangled metal before and got it back where i needed it
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I DEFINITELY know better and should have changed the tires out on this one before I started taking it on longer drives.

I'll update with pics soon but tire did a number and the two brackets I need are pretty mangled! :(

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I have the left and right brackets for you but they're located in The Netherlands. If you're interested I can get a shipping cost calculation.


Josh, I feel your pain. I had this happen on my '61 a  few years ago when the right front tire blew. Bent the crap out of the inner fender bracket including bending part of the fender under near the rocker panel. To make matters worse part of the shredded tire flew back and knocked the back fender skirt off onto the highway and bent it up.  Tire was only a few years old and was a steel belted radial. According to the tire shop they suspect one of the belts separated and destroyed the tire very rapidly while traveling at highway speeds.  By the time I felt the shimmy start on the highway until the rubber separated and blew apart was less than a mile. Needless to say it was not a good day.  The body shop was able to repair the bracket but the fender skirt I just replaced with another one.