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'62 62 Coupe for Sale
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Typical situation.  I've always loved these cars.  Worked on a friends in high school.  Bought one before kids and have since forgotten about it after.  Wife is pressing me on this since we moved from North Texas to MD.  I have a few toys up here but the Caddy is costing me money for storage in TX.


- I got the car from NM in 2011.  Garage find from widow.  Very little rust but all weatherstripping is shot.

- Car has been repainted a silver color (don't know code) but VIN and dash/inner parts say its "Olympic White"

- Interior has been redone.  Looks nice to match exterior. 

- Done the generator/alternator conversion but still have original.

- Was working through wiper motor issue but still have parts

- It's been in storage for a couple of years but was running.  It has a leaking tranny but will steer with top off

- Dent in the hood lid...on the bend towards rear

- Currently missing louvered gas cover but have one in original color...never found clips. 

This will be trailer job (from DFW area) but I wouldn't consider it a project car.  It's a Friday drive to work car with a few nights in the garage. Lets talk.  I'll post photos shortly
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