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Re: Abandoned Cadillacs
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More sad looking cars. Think I posted these shots of a moss covered '59 before. Some others, while not Cadillac, are too pathetic not to have a look at. Surfs up and Buried Alive say it all. With respect to that '57 Chevy, check out those 2 trees growing through it and the degree of earth coverage. Think they were excavating this vehicle like it was in some sort of archaeological dig. Also, a '56 Cadillac languishes in salvage yard purgatory. Clay/Lexi

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Re: Abandoned Cadillacs
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The donor. This 55 was someones abandon project. No other parts were with the car. Shame to cut it up but it's parts lived on. 
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Re: Abandoned Cadillacs
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That is a shame as there are still lots of useful parts there. The smallest of fasteners and hardware can be like gold to us. Clay/Lexi

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Re: Abandoned Cadillacs
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I took the horns off this 58 and had them restored.