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Stock rear end on a 62 caddy
« on: April 02, 2019, 06:25:19 PM »
Will that stock rear end hold up to a lq4 motor and a 4l80e tranny.
Engine will have around 450hp or so.


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Re: Stock rear end on a 62 caddy
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The rear ends are Cadillac only and are pretty stout. The main problem you may run in to is gearing for that 4L80E. The non AC cars have a 2.94 diff while AC cars are something like 3.21 or in that range. The commercial chassis have a 3.77 which would be far better for your overdrive tranny.

The other problem would be re-building the centre section if required. The carrier bearings have a tapered id and are no longer available, or at least weren't when I called Timkin about them 10 years ago. The bearing is available with no taper so I had some sleeves made up to replace the Cadillac bearing locator sleeves. I posted a bunch of photos on how they work on the old forum. I'm not sure if they made the transition to this one. The pinion bearings and seal are still available as far as I know.

In the end, I put a Ford 9" in my car so I could get a 3.70 gear set and torsen posi. There is a lot to consider when you change to the 9". The pinion is set much lower and is shorter than the stock diff. That means the rear half of the driveshaft angle changes and it is also longer.
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Re: Stock rear end on a 62 caddy
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Carrier bearings are now available.
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