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LED conversion for our Cadillacís
« on: May 09, 2019, 09:10:56 AM »
A few inquiries were posted recently at the CLC and others forums and still there are a few lingering questions as to which light bulbs can be replace with LEDs on our cars. 

I did a conversion to LEDs early this year and wanted to share my findings/results. Attach are my results and notes on the conversion specially dealing with the tail/turn signal lights.

I did replace most of the other bulbs e.g. dome, map, dash (not the ones controlled by the headlight switch rheostat), etc. with no issues. Iíve use the soft white bulbs with an enclose glass to mimic as close as possible the older filament ones with good results.

Now this is just for general information in case anyone is looking at moving to LEDs.

Good luck..!
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Re: LED conversion for our Cadillacís
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Thats great. Thanks for the information and your time to put this item together for all the use and learn from. G