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1962 Deville, wheels cylinder link


i lost one of my wheels cylinder link, (1962 Deville)

i have looked at many different places but i can not found that part anywhere..

that part should not be hard to have made at a local machine shop if you cannot do it yourself as it is basically a piece of  sturdy round steel rod(definitely not hot rolled steel)  , a grade 8 or higher bolt could be used to make one
the step down is  for the rubber seal  boot

russ austin:
60-64 are the same, and I have plenty of them. Just pay shipping.   Just send me an email;  russ85747@hotmail.com 

After doing a lot of search, i finally found cylinder link that fit there, it came from a 1980 jeep wrangler.

As you can see on the picture, they are not perfectly identical, but they fit right there without modification.

And best of all: they are easy to found everywhere on the internet...


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