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SMS Fabrics and false promises

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Last June, I sent my door panels to SMS auto for refab.  I had heard there were issues with them in terms of time and in terms of customer service.  I guess I took the "won't happen to me" mindset.  Wrong.

I sent the old door panels off to them in the middle of June 2018, and prepaid over $1000 for the job. Initially, they gave me a December completion date. In late November I called to check on the status and they told me "the beginning of the year".  OK, I can wait another month. In late January, I called, and they told me it would be March.  March 1st I called and was told May.  See a pattern?

Finally on April 29 I emailed. This is the response I got: "We are pushing you ahead of people that have orders way older than yours.  Only have one guy in production that can do these panels.  Normal production can take up to a year." It's over a year now.

I actually wouldn't have minded if they were initially truthful about the completion estimate. Obviously they knew from the get-go that 6 months was not something they could do. I'm in no hurry and am only now coming close to needing them.  I just don't like the litany of false promises and the nonchalant air, especially for a pre-paid job.  I certainly hope the results are worth the wait.

I'm sorry to say that I have posted on here a few times about exactly the same problem I had with them. It was my door panels, I prepaid, they took around 18 months I think. My tip is you have to drive them mad. I got an equally rude and dismissive message from Doug Pollock (the owner).SMS - great product, terrible service. I'm sorry it happened to you . Phil

Now you've done it Bob. Phil just recovered from his ordeal with SMS. Years and years of therapy and you had to go start up a conversation about SMS again.   ;D ;D ;D ;D

Kidding aside. Stay in touch with them. Make sure you get the persons name every time you speak with them. Document every phone call. Who, what time, date and what was said. Be nice but be firm. When companies know you're obviously keeping track of your order, they will be less likely to blow you off. Good luck.   

Lou, I'm devestated🤣🤣🤣. Bob, the squeaky wheel gets the Grease, drive them mad, so the only way they can get rid of you is to make your door panels! Phil

LOL  We'll both be suffering from PTSD.
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