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1962 cadillac 'OIL ENGINE ON' (REDLIGHT ON)
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:27:32 PM »
What's up guys haven't been here in a while.  I drove my car to work today about 20 mins.  I had filled it up the previous day with 2 quarts of oil because last time I almost ran out of oil and poured 2 quarts.  So for a total of 4 quarts with filter.   When I drove it back today i got home was about to park and noticed the 'OIL ENGINE' light was on.    I didn't think it was low on oil since i didn't hear the 'clack' 'clack' sound.   Wondering if this could just be the 'OIL ENGINE' sending unit that perhaps got full of oil?  I do have blow by and i remember i replaced the oil sending unit bout 4 years ago.    Let me know :)
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Re: 1962 cadillac 'OIL ENGINE ON' (REDLIGHT ON)
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I assume you checked the oil?   Put a direct reading gauge where the sending unit goes, and check the oil pressure.
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Re: 1962 cadillac 'OIL ENGINE ON' (REDLIGHT ON)
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hi russ thank u so much i ended up changing the oil sending unit and the light went off.   the oil is topped off, but i think i will change the oil and filter this weekend.