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Back at my '61 Convertible
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I have a 1961 Cadillac convertible.  My father bought it for me in 1975 for my 14th birthday because like the car, I'm a 1961 as well.  At the time, my dad was the GM of Gene Wildes Cadillac/Olds in Plymouth (Now Tracy Chevy/Cadillac).  Someone had traded in the car which had 76,000 miles on it.  1975 was the height of the gas crisis, so people were unloading their big gas guzzlers for more efficient models.  The dealership was only going to junk it, so my father went to the owner and told him he wanted to get the car for me.  He got it for $45.00 (I still have a copy of the Bill of Sale.)   

The car was in reasonably good shape.  There was some rust-through on the front fenders over the wheel wells, the front bumper ends were pretty well shot.  Somebody did a bad Bondo and paint job one of the quarter panels.  There is a crinkle in the rear passenger quarter panel.  The car had a black top, which had seen better days.

We were able to locate better bumper ends, and had the top replaced (with a white top.)  We never got around to doing any of the body work, but since the car has been garaged since 1975 the rust through hasn't spread.

From 1975-1984, when my dad died, we ran the car on dealer plates.  It was never a daily driver, just a cool old car we'd take out from time to time.   I got the car registered with antique plates in 1989, and would drive it from time to time, but then in 1993 when our first daughter was born, I really didn't have time (nor money) to be tinkering around with an old car.  The last time it was running was 1994. The car remained in my mother's garage on Cape Cod for all this time, until she died this past December, and I had to sell her house.

Fortunately, when we had an addition built to our house in 2006, it included a 2 car garage that I had built extra long (about 30') specifically to accommodate the 222" long Cadillac.  In June, I had it towed from my mother's house to my mechanic closer to my house.  With some Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders, he was able to bring the 390 cubic inch engine back to life, and now it is in my garage.  I now have year of manufacture plates on it (same plates that were on the car my folks brought me home from the hospital back in 1961) and I'm slowly starting to address the many minor issues with the car. 
1961 Series 62 Convertible (Owned it since 1975.  Got it for my 14th birthday.  I'm a 1961 as well)

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Re: Back at my '61 Convertible
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Such a great story, wish my 61 cost $45 lol.
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Re: Back at my '61 Convertible
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Sweet!  Glad to have your car and story on our site.

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Re: Back at my '61 Convertible
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Glad to have you aboard!! Kinda have a liking for the verts, and in black with white top, yesssss!!!! lots of knowledge here that's for sure!!

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Re: Back at my '61 Convertible
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Great storie! Love your car.