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Service Tray Build
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Hi All,

Ever work under the hood on a car and wish you had a place to rest your tools and equipment? I did and finally did something about it. I built a service tray on casters that can reach into the engine bay and has enough space to hold your tools and diagnostic equipment too.

The basic structure is made with box steel to ensure it's sturdiness.


The tray frame is made with angle iron. This allows for the tray to sit nicely in place.  After I completed welding everything together, I primed and painted it.

I chose to go with a 2'x2' tray to ensure I had plenty of space for tools. The tray is made from 3/4 plywood and covered with a foam backed vinyl. 
Here it is, complete with protective foam and all,

I wanted to ensure that there was little to no chance for the cart to hit the car when I use the cart on the fender side. The diagonal legs act as a wedge around the tires causing the cart to stop before it gets too close(don't let the pic fool you, the support rods are 4" away from hitting the fender).

Now I can work on my car and not worry about where to rest my tools  8) 8)

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