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'56 J-Seal Position?
« on: October 30, 2014, 10:17:28 PM »
Hi All, does anybody have a picture of the J-seal/Door Auxiliary Weatherstrip  installed on the door?  I installed mine as shown in the manual,
Fig. 14-79, at the inside edge of the door most of the way up.  When you close the door, the weather strip is pulled loose.  I have considered
adding several more plastic anchors.

Thank you for any help,
Tom Modaff

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Re: '56 J-Seal Position?
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When the J seal pulls loose, is the adhesive sticking to the J-seal or do you see adhesive on the body only? Chances are the new weather striping still has release agent on it from the mold process. If you do not insure that this release agent is removed from the rubber, you will never get the j-seal to stay in place. The trick to remove the agent is to spray the weather strip with brake cleaner and wipe it clean. Do it 2x to insure all of the release agent is removed. Do this off the car because your paint wont like the brake cleaner.   
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Re: '56 J-Seal Position?
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Thanks Lou!
Tom Modaff