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#96 Copper - 1955 Eldorado
« on: December 09, 2014, 04:27:46 PM »
Has anyone painted a car copper in the past few years? How do the modern paints look compared to the original metallics? I'm going to have to pick a family of paints products soon and am looking for suggestions. I like to use primers/paints from the same manufacturer to avoid incompatibility. I can't find any good pics of a recent respray in Copper.

I have interior samples from SMS Fabrics on what they say is seat leather, door leather, carpet and trunk material for my car (#94). I think it matches pretty well with Copper just hoping I can get a close paint match.

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Re: #96 Copper - 1955 Eldorado
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The paint can be matched. I checked for you and there is no current formula available. That doesn't mean the color can not be made. Your absolute best bet is to have the color matched to your existing paint on the car. Under the ribbed door molding and especially under the quarter moldings(because nobody ever takes these off) lies unmolested color that hasn't seen the light of day since day one.  Have the paint shop match the color to that, you can't go wrong. One key tip of advise to whomever is going to match the color is, MAKE SURE THEY USE THE SMALLEST FLAKE SIZE available. If the formula calls for a medium size flake it must be substituted for the smallest. No if, and or buts or it will look all wrong.
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Re: #96 Copper - 1955 Eldorado
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Unfortunately my car was disassembled and media blasted. I will try and find something in the interior to match. I have found paint codes by Ditzler which is now a PPG company. Thanks for the  tip on the metal flake that was one of my primary concerns.