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'56 horn not working
« on: June 28, 2015, 12:04:05 AM »
Hi All,

The horns and the relay tested Ok, but there is no power between the relay and the white wire with a brass cap that comes out of the top of the steering column.  Circuit Diagram 13-8 shows a tan wire from the horn relay to the horn contact, than a black wire from there to the horn ring.  The diagram that Jose posted shows the same thing.

My question is, where is the horn contact located, as this may be the problem?  Also I wonder why there is a white wire coming out of the steering column and not black?

Thank you for any help,
Tom Modaff

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Re: '56 horn not working
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The black wire is attached to the brass contact (insulated inside the tube) at the steering column tube, the wire is feed inside the tube to an insulated brass ring about 1/3 down.

The neutral safety switch (NSS) which it is attached to the steering support case has a spring loaded brass contact that rides the brass ring at the steering tube (see above).

The tan wire is extended over to the horn relay, the horn ring will extended the ground via this path up to the relay.

Unfortunately the main wiring diagram has omitted the NSS and other electrical wiring diagrams even the one on section 13-8 does not included the horn path.  :(

Jose Gomez
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Re: '56 horn not working
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This picture should help as well .

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Re: '56 horn not working
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Thank you Jose and Lou! 
Tom Modaff