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I just got my '55 Fleetwood out of winter storage and took it for it's first ride of the season (just into town).  Everything was fine until I hit the apron of a parking lot I was entering.  Then, I got a few sporadic toots from my horns just prior to a continuous blast that would not stop even with taps to the horn button.  So, I quickly got out and disconnected the horns, thus ending that loud episode.  Once home, I reconnected each horn individually, but they were now silent -- not only silent, but they won't start even with the horn button.   I've left the horns disconnected so that they won't just spontaneously start sounding in the garage. Any clues on what has happened?  Should I be concerned about a short in the system that could start a fire in the car?  I've looked at the shop manual, and it gives some clues about what to do if the horns don't work (the current situation).  Anyway, I just want the car to be safe while I figure out what's wrong.  Should I disconnect some wires elsewhere in the hookup until I can start testing the system?  Thanks.  -- Tom Todd

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I would start checking the horn relay, it should be three terminals B for battery (this one is always hot), an S from the steering wheel horn, and an H two wires to both horns.
You can disconnect the S and the H wires from the relay, temporarily short the S to ground the relay should click applying 12V to the horns, if I you hear no clicking the relay is bad.

If the relay clicks, checked the H terminal on the relay for 12V, if there is no voltage the contacts maybe duty.

Last checked the S wire for ground once you press the steering horn ring, if no ground most likely and open wire at the steering column.
These steps should give you the basic steps to trouble shoot you problems.

Good luck..!

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Thanks, Jose.  I'll check this out tomorrow.  -- Tom

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I agree, probably the relay. 
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