Author Topic: differences between 61 and 62 cadillacs  (Read 2978 times)

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differences between 61 and 62 cadillacs
« on: November 15, 2015, 09:42:20 PM »
I will start he differences between the 61-62 caddy thread
fell free to join in
front bumper lower corners ,61 round park light ,62 square
61 had finned filler panels above side of front bumper, 62 had corner lamps and therefor a different turn signal switch
grill different  as was head light buckets and mounting panels,making fenders between 61 and 62 not direct swap over
61 had deville badge on front fender and 62 on rear quarter
61 had badge on lower front fender
hood trim above grill and hood  v different
turn indicator lamps and spear trim on top of front fender, 61 chrome bezel on indicator lamp and 62 body colour
air intake grill  lower edge of windshield,61 chrome fill width,62 chrome center fins and rest body colour
rear quarter panels ,rear part behind skirt different profile
rear bumpers and filler panels
truck lid 
61 had wrap around styling flat top body on sedans
different coupe c posts

61 convertibles have strut braces from firewall to inner fender and cross braces from front bumper ends to rad core support,62 did not have either

other parts
61 had glass washer bottle and 62 early cars had glass and later production had plastic ,somewhere around march change over I believe
a/c compressors,5 cyl in  61 vs 6 in  cyl 62 I believe
61 had single circuit brakes,62 had dual circuit master cylinder
61 had smaller gas tank
electric trunk release and closer on 61
62 had vacuum release and manual spring loaded closer
interior trim was different,speedo bezel, door panel trim , seat  hard trim not to mention material patterns
 steering wheel different
61 and early 62 had a notch in the frame for the lower rad hose to sit in

there is a lot more,but that is all my little head can come up with right now
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Re: differences between 61 and 62 cadillacs
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 08:29:39 AM »
Intake manifold was revised in 1962 for quieter operation
Spring rates revised in 1962 for softer ride characteristics
1962 lower dash panels are 3/4" longer where they wrap below the dash in 1962
Cadillac in block letters below the radio in 1961, script in 1962
1961 front speaker grille is finned, 1962 is eggcrate
Labels above radio knobs in 1961, not present in 1962
Finned chrome pieces on either side of speedometer in 1961, deleted for 1962
Ribbed piece between heater and vent controls in 1962, smooth in 1961
1962 Guidematic was the first year for the off position on the phototube unit.
1961 Cruise control transducer mounted to cylinder head, 1962 mounted to inner fender
1961 Cruise Control used a lever and Bowden cable for speed control, 1962 was the first year for the indicator wheel.
1961 Headlight bezels are deeper than 1962
1961 fender mounted turn signals are longer, chrome plated spears whereas 1962 are smaller, colour keyed
The 1961 tailfin is approximately 3" taller and is chrome trimmed at the top
1961 side glass is laminated.  1962 is tempered
1961 tinted glass is called EZ-Eye, 1962 is Soft Ray
Exhaust hangers are different between 1961 and 1962
1961 Rear transmission mount is common to the previous models, 1962 is different
1961 AC temperature regulation was done by a hot gas bypass valve, 1962 was done with a suction throttling valve
1961 Cadillacs have a threaded fitting to tie the vacuum advance line from the carburetor into the unit, 1962 was a rubber vacuum line
1961 still had the oil cup for the distributor, 1962 was self oiling

I'll keep posting as I remember.
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Re: differences between 61 and 62 cadillacs
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Aaaah, the front and back treatments are different and you kike one aspect or the other. We tease those 61 owners and vice versa. But its like seperating pepper from fly shit . They are vasicalky the same. Thats why we love those 61 guys.